Delivering the Next Generation of Light Curing Analytics

Introducing the MARC® light collector


Time is money in manufacturing and material properties testing. The MARC® light collector from BlueLight Analytics® Inc. is a laboratory grade National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) referenced instrument. It enables researchers to achieve an accurate, reproducible, and clinically-relevant measurement of light energy. The MARC® light collector achieves this by:


  • Precisely measuring LCU spectrum and total power as required by ISO/ANSI standards;
  • Measuring intensity, rate and total energy delivered to dental material specimens, allowing for a correlation between conditions and results;
  • Identifying beam distributions across LCU tips and enabling these conditions to be managed;
  • Enabling consistent, reproducible sample preparation, which enhances con dence in the study results; and
  • Providing a source of an unlimited number of research projects for students.

Inside the MARC® light collector

NIST-Referenced Spectrometer

Optimized to measure curing lights at wavelengths between 360-540 nm, the MARC® light collector system delivers real-time performance metrics of energy delivery to dental materials.


Software and support for 1 year

All MARC® light collector systems come with a Windows PC pre-loaded with easy-to-use software.

16 mm Diameter Collection Port

Material Sample Compartment

Measure the amount, type, and rate of energy delivery of an LCU; and light transmission through composites and ceramics.

Delrin® Rings

1, 2, and 3 mm increments

Vary your resin composite specimens with the 10 x 1 mm, 10 x 2 mm, and 10 x 3 mm provided Delrin® rings.


9 apertures (3-11 mm diameter)

These 0.3 mm thick anodized aluminum apertures can be used to examine the optical effect of distance and area on light intensity.

Clinical Proxy

Composite Tooth Preparations

Included is a composite tooth with a 6 mm diameter aperture at a 6 mm distance. Other custom con gurations are possible (not included).